The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-09-04

Woodland Santa Project : 10 : 10

Woodland Santa Project

Woodland Santa Project DESIGNED BY JENNY BARTON Jolly old Saint Nick Father Christmas is a friend to all, including the creatures of the forest who flock to him in this heartwarmi­ng scene Use printed fabric W rap up warm – it looks like a cold and clear Christmas Eve, with snow gathering on the branches of the fir trees in the forest and crisping under the hooves and paws of the creatures which live there. But there’s a new visitor to the woodlands this evening, whose thick brown boots make barely a sound as he passes along its tracks and paths – because he has centuries of experience visiting homes unheard! The glowing lantern and warm, pure heart of Santa Claus draws all the animals towards him to accompany him and his sack full of presents for the children of the world. Jenny Barton’s epic portrait celebrates the beauty of nature’s Factb Stitching Time Approx. 68 hours Type of Stitches Cross stitch, fractional­s, backstitch Ease of Stitching Advanced beginner/ intermedia­te kingdom alongside one of our Christmas heroes, who, from his beaming expression, is delighted with his animal escort. This is a large, special design that is sure to become part of your festive decorating traditions for years to come. Meet the designer Jenny Barton I thoroughly enjoyed working on my traditiona­l Santa design. I love animals and my favourite time of year is Christmas, so what’s not to like about this design?! Definitely one for the mantelpiec­e. The World of Cross Stitching 10

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