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Your Questions Answered Ask The Experts : 31 : 31

Your Questions Answered Ask The Experts

Your Questions Answered Ask the experts CONTENTS Our panel of profession­als are here to help you with your cross stitch dilemmas – however large or small IN THE SPOTLIGHT 32 Our expert Heather gives advice on picking fabric WISHES GRANTED 33 Caroline is after a realistic fisherman for her dad FRIENDLY ADVICE 34 Wise words on using printed & patterned fabric TECHNIQUE FOCUS 34 Understand­ing different symbol layouts on charts Fiona Baker Heather Nugent Hannah Fletcher Hannah Erskine Jenny Barton Our Technical Editor Fiona is ready to solve any stitching dilemma and answer all your technique questions Heather is our talented Charting Editor and is on hand to help you transform your stitching into finished items All set to hunt down those elusive charts and products, Hannah’s here to find shopping answers that you need A lifelong stitcher, our Charting Assistant Hannah can answer any chart or stitching related questions Design pro Jenny has been creating projects for us for years and is ready to take on your design challenges DESIGN ROUND-UP 35 Stitch beloved characters from The Nutcracker and the issue it appeared in can still be downloaded as a digital version instantly via our Apple or Android apps. If you prefer having the physical chart in your hands, I’m afraid we don’t sell hard copies from that far back, but you can ask on our friendly Facebook group Crossstitc­ to see if a fellow stitcher has a copy they’re willing to part with. Alternativ­ely, you can have a look on eBay for this magazine, but please be sure to check out the seller and descriptio­n carefully before you make a purchase. Prancing pony Prancing pony Darlene would really love to get her hands on this ‘Carousel Horse’ chart Is there any way to get the ‘Carousel Horse’ pattern from issue 250 (January 2017)? Thank you. Q Darlene Davignon, Rapid City, USA With a gorgeous golden mane and covered in colourful drapery and beautiful blooms, I can see why you’re after this rather magnificen­t design – carousel horses hold a special charm for children and adults alike. This stunning horse was designed by Shannon Wasilieff Hannah F: A Picking the right frame Picking the right frame Jan wants the perfect frame for her moonlit hare I have just finished this ‘Moon Hare’ from issues 232 and 233 (Sep and Oct 2015) which has taken two years. I love the soft focus – I’m not a fan of lots of backstitch! However, I’ve been unable to find a turquoise frame. Could you tell me where you found your lovely frame? It’s just perfect. I love your mag and am now going to do some smaller projects for a while! Q Jan Farebrothe­r, London Your work is stunning, Jan so I can see why you want to display it in a frame that’s just right. We get most of our frames profession­ally made to size, so I’m afraid you may not find this exact one again. You can always visit your local framers and see what they have though and maybe they’ll have something similar in stock. Alternativ­ely, charity shops sometimes have a really great selection of unique frames. If you find one you like but it’s still not quite the right colour, I recommend painting it – that way you can get an exact match to what you want. Heather: A 31 The World of Cross Stitching

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