The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-09-04

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Reader Panel Meet Our Guests

Be on the panel ! Reader Panel Meet our guests Get a sneak preview Appear in the magazine Receive a stitchy gift Get to know this month’s reader panel, and look out for their favourite projects throughout the issue Gwendolyn Douglas Shannie Dilworth Christine McGee is a rural mail carrier from Mount Washington, USA is a retail worker from Southampto­n, UK is a college administra­tive assistant from Yonkers, USA Your proudest stitchy moment? How’d you start stitching? Best thing about stitching? When I gave my sister Pam ‘The Rose Goddess’ in a big crowded room of our family for her 60th surprise birthday party. She cried for a long time and kept saying thank you. I started cross stitching as a hobby, after my mum had taught me at a young age. At first it just became a way to cope with working and being at uni full-time. Once I graduated, I stitched to destress after work. I love that each piece is like a puzzle. Even though you see the full image on paper, it’s nothing compared to the feeling you get when you finish that last bit of backstitch­ing. Your worst stitching disaster? Fave design? WOXS I was halfway finished with Stoney Creek’s ‘Insect Sampler’ and spilled tea on it and ruined the white fabric – it was a big stain I couldn’t remove. [Editor’s note: We’ve all been there!] What’s your stitchy heaven? ‘Pepper the Pup’ from issue 293 (May 2020) is such a cute pattern! This little puppy looks just like my sister’s dog named Summer. A room filled with kits, patterns, fabrics and threads... and ample time to complete them all! Who are your stitch buddies? design you love? My cat, Maggie. He loves watching me stitch and even ‘helps’ by sitting in my thread box! I also got my best friend to start stitching whilst she is studying for her PhD to destress. WOXS I just finished the orange ‘Lion Cushion’ from issue 264 (Feb 2018) by Durene Jones. I’m going to enter it into the Kentucky State Fair. It was a joy to stitch and I absolutely love the colours. It turned out beautifull­y. Who do you like to stitch for? I love finding patterns that my family members will enjoy! Whether it’s for décor, a bookmark or a piece that reminds them of something they love. Recent fave design? WOXS I love Fiona Baker, so her ‘Blackwork Jellyfish’ in Aug 2020 (296). I adore under the sea themes and have always wanted to try blackwork. Who’s your fave designer? Joan Elliott is my first choice. I’ve won three first place ribbons at the Kentucky State Fair stitching the ‘Spring Fairy’, ‘Christmas Blue Angel’ and ’Water Goddess’. Who’d you like to craft with? I think sitting down with Durene Jones would be a blast! I love the versatilit­y of her work. I’d like to know where she gets all her inspiratio­n from and what/who her favourites are in the cross stitch world! Gift worth £30! We need you! To be on the panel, email theworldof­xstitching@ – tell us your name, where you’re from and include a good-quality photo of yourself. Every panellist gets a preview of the magazine and a gift worth at least £30! This month’s reader members will each receive this stunning ‘RIOLIS Magic Owl Cross Stitch Kit’ from LoveCrafts. The kit includes 14-count dark grey aida, wool/acrylic threads, a needle, chart and instructio­ns. Dimensions: 21x30cm (8 x12in). THANKS! 6 The World of Cross Stitching

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