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Pet Of The Month Project

Pet of the Month Project Pet of the month We know you’re huge fans of pets, so have us design a cross stitch of a beloved animal! H E No.1 pet Design my pet! H E Hi Durene, I’m very in love with my princess, Fushia des Kaskavels, who is a Birman cat. I expect you could make a design of this beautiful nine-year-old kitty. Thanks a lot. Q Edith Verhulst, via email Of course we can, Edith and I think this design is hopefully just what you’re after. You’ll be able to whip this up in a couple of evenings, or over a weekend. Worked on 14-count aida in a selection of greys and white, I made sure to include brown backstitch in one strand to really draw attention and emphasise the fluffiness of your Birman cat – I want to reach out and give her a cuddle myself! Her whiskers are created using a natural white shade of backstitch in two strands rather than one so that they really stand out against her similar coloured fur. Then to show off her twinkling baby blues, there are two white French knots, one in each corner of her eyes. We’ve gone with a blue square aperture card and matching pattern fabric to go with the colour of your kitty’s pretty eyes, as they are absolutely stunning. We like to think that the finished design is fit for a princess! Durene says: A Shopping list Zweigart* 14-count white aida measuring 15x15cm (6x6in) Stranded cotton as listed in the key Size 24 tapestry needle Square aperture card and patterned fabric of your choice from local stores Fun facts about Birman cats Birman cat, Choupette, who is now dubbed the world’s richest cat. Cat of Burma’, legend has it that they were the special companions of the Kittah priests of Burma long ago. • White paws are a trademark of the breed, making it appear as if they’re wearing gloves and socks. • Known as the ‘Sacred Thread & fabric cost • Late Chanel fashion designer Approximat­ely £13 Karl Lagerfeld is said to have left a large part of his worldly goods to his *For stockists see page 90 70 The World of Cross Stitching

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