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Bri­tain­has con­trib­uted nearly £500 bil­lion to the EU since join­ing in 1973 and we were to pay a fur­ther £96 bil­lion over the next five years. In 2014 alone our con­tri­bu­tion was £19.1 bil­lion (Source: Of­fice of Na­tional Sta­tis­tics), enough to buy a new hos­pi­tal every week!

Every year we spent £2.8 bil­lion im­port­ing our own fish, caught in our own wa­ters by other coun­tries, which we then had to buy back from them!

The trans­port of live an­i­mals abroad will never cease whilst the EU is still around be­cause it classes them as cargo!

Tens of thou­sands of Euro­crats have awarded them­selves in­fla­tion-bust­ing pay rises and bonuses worth a stag­ger­ing € 100 mil­lion — that’s £74 mil­lion to you and me! There will be fur­ther pay rises of nearly € 50 mil­lion this year plus more ex­trav­a­gant al­lowances and bonuses — or will there, now we have voted to leave?

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