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to lighten the mood, here’s a poem by Sheila Chis­nall of Brix­ham, Devon, who has writ­ten a poem about an age-old prob­lem. whole poem but knows that it in­cluded the lines Does any­one recog­nise it?

Mrs. S. Martin (Sheri, Mill Lane, Fel­bridge, East Grin­stead RH19 2PE) says her grand­mother used to re­cite a comic verse that be­gan: Mrs. Martin would love to know what hap­pened next.

J. Cox of Sleaford in Lin­colnshire has writ­ten to me ask­ing for help in trac­ing a poem about Lon­don dur­ing the Blitz. She re­mem­bers read­ing the poem in one of her son’s school­books but she has never seen it since. For­tu­nately we have a large ar­chive of war po­etry and I have been able to find out that the poem is “Lon­don Un­der Bom­bard­ment” by Greta Briggs. I haven’t been able to dis­cover any in­for­ma­tion about Greta but the poem was pub­lished in Field Mar­shal Wavell’s book Other Men’s Flow­ers (1944).

The bridges over the Thames seem like rib­bons of light in this panoramic view of Lon­don at night. The dome of St. Paul’s takes cen­tre stage, as much a sym­bol to­day as it was dur­ing the Blitz when the Lon­don cityscape looked very dif­fer­ent, see poem this p

The gate is locked, I have no key, What lies be­yond is not for me.

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