This England - - Centenary Of The First World War - By Phil Froom

Pro­duced by MI9, MIS-X and SOE in World War II


buses are tra­di­tion­ally coloured red for the in­ner re­gions, and dark green for the outer fringes. Some have been re­painted for spe­cial rea­sons and all trans­port en­thu­si­asts will en­joy this nos­tal­gic look back.

(168pp, hard­back)


thought of ac­quir­ing a nar­row­boat? Maybe not, but even if you only hire one you will find this book just the ticket. Ad­ver­tised as “A com­plete guide to choos­ing, own­ing and main­tain­ing a nar­row­boat” it con­tains ev­ery­thing you need to know. Beau­ti­fully laid out and well il­lus­trated with fine colour pic­tures, it is pure de­light.

(240pp, pa­per­back)

Can­dle­ford Green in Flora Thomp­son’s “Lark Rise” nov­els was based on the vil­lage of Fring­ford and in The Real Can­dle­ford Green by Martin Green­wood, you can read all about it through the ages, en­hanced with con­tem­po­rary pho­to­graphic images. (Dorset Press, 184pp, pa­per­back, £9.99)

ISBN 9781-9087-38226

Did one of Eng­land’s most un­pop­u­lar mon­archs re­ally meet a grisly end at Berke­ley Cas­tle in 1327? In Ed­ward II, The Un­con­ven­tional King, Kathryn Warner does her best to un­ravel fact from fic­tion. (Am­ber­ley, 320pp, hard­back, £14.99)

ISBN 9781-4456-50548

Be­ing able to draw car­toons is a gift which rel­a­tively few of the artists re­alise. Be­ing able to draw an­i­mal car­toons is an even greater skill and a new an­thro­po­mor­phic beast has just emerged from across the At­lantic. In The Es­sen­tial Fer­gus, Jean Aber­nethy treats us to an ur­bane equine who, rather like Fred Bas­set the dog, looks down his nose at the histri­on­ics and ig­no­rance of hu­man be­ings when things go wrong. (Quiller, 122pp, pa­per­back, £14.95)

ISBN 9781-7813-14814

Nor­land nan­nies are the crème de la crème and in Bri­tish Nan­nies and the Great War by Louise Heren we learn how a whole reg­i­ment of them coped with con­flict and child­care, both at home and abroad. Many were in­volved with royal fam­i­lies and even more with vary­ing lev­els of aris­toc­racy. (Pen & Sword, 216pp, hard­back, £19.99)

ISBN 9781-4738-27530

His­tory can eas­ily be­come dis­torted but The Com­plete Scrim­geour, from Dart­mouth to Jut­land 1913-16 con­tains the diaries of Alexan­der Scrim­geour, a 19-year-old mid­ship­man who was one of the many to lose their life in this naval con­flict. His valu­able record of events sur­vived but he, sadly, did not.

The last naval con­flict to pit so many armed ves­sels against each other, Bri­tain had 151 com­bat ships of which 28 were bat­tle­ships, while Ger­many had 99 and 16 re­spec­tively. Bri­tain lost 6,000 men, Ger­many 2,500. (Con­way, 438pp, hard­back, £20)

ISBN 9781-8448-63105

Birds of prey vary greatly in size and tem­per­a­ment and in Ea­gles by Mike Un­win you can learn about the largest of the species. Not a bird to be tri­fled with, it is sur­pris­ingly quick and ag­ile and its only real en­emy is the hu­man be­ing. If you want to know where you can find ea­gles in the United King­dom then this is the place to look. (Blooms­bury/rspb, 128pp, pa­per­back, £9.99)

ISBN 9781-4729-21833

Bill Badger in the Ru­pert Bear sto­ries is the pop­u­lar im­age of this splen­did look­ing crea­ture but in Badgers by James Lowen you will quickly dis­cover they are far from be­ing tame. Un­com­pro­mis­ing noc­tur­nal car­ni­vores, they have dec­i­mated the coun­try’s hedge­hog pop­u­la­tion and are a fear­some op­po­nent to come across in the wild. (Blooms­bury/rspb, 128pp, pa­per­back, £9.99)

ISBN 9781-4729-21819

Po­ems for He­roes is an anthology of po­etry compiled by John Mont­gomery who en­listed in the Royal Marines nearly 50 years ago. Many po­ems are hard to un­der­stand be­cause they use words and phrases not nor­mally heard in or­di­nary con­ver­sa­tion but these ex­am­ples fit more eas­ily into the sub­con­scious and stim­u­late the mind. (Stock­well, 144pp, pa­per­back, £6.95)

ISBN 9780-7223-46440

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