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It’s about time the author­i­ties did some­thing about older driv­ers. For too long they have caused havoc by hog­ging the left hand lane, stick­ing to the speed lim­its and halt­ing at “Stop” signs, caus­ing great in­con­ve­nience and pre­vent­ing oth­ers do­ing what they like.

Another con­cern is by avoid­ing fines they are not do­ing their bit for state rev­enue and there­fore plac­ing a fur­ther bur­den on younger driv­ers.

Un­til older driv­ers can prove they are pro­fi­cient at weav­ing in and out of traf­fic, driving while tex­ting or talk­ing on their mo­bile phone, tail­gat­ing, us­ing drugs or do­ing wheel­ies they must be banned from hold­ing a li­cence.

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