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“Ah,” sighed the gaffer, “it’s quite right what the song says: “there’s no place like home. When I’ve made my bit, I’m go­ing back to end my days peace­ful. Green med­ders. Yaller corn­fields. A cot­tage cov­ered all over with creeper…the vil­lage’ll still be there, the woods, an’ the river, an’ the hills, an’ the sea in the dis­tance. Them things don’t al­ter. There ha’ been times aboard o’ some rot­ten old wind-jam­mer, un­der the Sorth­ern Cross, when I’ve seen the lit­tle stone bridge as I fell off of into the mill-dam, and the lit­tle God’s acre be­hind the church…i’ve seen ’em plainer ’n I could ever see the ev­er­last­ing ocean an’ the sky all round me. Cos that wos my home, d’ye un­der­stand? Eng­land.” ED­WIN PUGH (1874-1930)

“Eng­land has two books, the Bible and Shake­speare. Eng­land made Shake­speare, but the Bible made Eng­land.” — VIC­TOR HUGO (1802-1885)

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