Renowned women with mon­u­ments and tombs in Santa Croce

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Vir­ginia de Bla­sis (1804–1838) – Renowned Ital­ian opera singer

Zofia Czarto­rys­kich Zamoyska (1778– 1837) – Pol­ish, hailed the most beau­ti­ful woman in Europe

Zofia Kic­kich Cieszkowska (1796–1818) – Pol­ish, po­lit­i­cal ac­tivist

Aleksandra Moszczen­ska (1816-38) – Pol­ish, lover of poet Juliusz Slowacki, known as the Lord By­ron of Poland Char­lotte Bon­a­parte (1802–1839) – French, Napoleon’s niece

Emilia Toscanelli Peruzzi (1826–1900) – Ital­ian, early fem­i­nist and sup­porter of Italy’s uni­fi­ca­tion, wife of Ubaldino Peruzzi, Florence’s mayor in the 1870’s

Sis­ter Maria Ce­leste (1600-1634) – Ital­ian, Galileo’s daugh­ter, whose corpse was re­cently dis­cov­ered, buried in his tomb in Santa Croce

Louise of Stol­berg-Ged­ern (1752–1824) – The re­bel­lious mis­tress of poet and count Vit­to­rio Al­fani Ida Botti Sci­foni (1812–1844) – Ital­ian, artist whose pa­troness was Mathilde Bon­a­parte, Napoleon’s niece Florence Nightin­gale (1820–1910) – English nurse and so­cial re­former Umil­iana de’Cer­chi (1219-46) – Ital­ian, lead­ing Fran­cis­can mys­tic in Florence Vag­gia Man­fredi (d. 1345) – Ital­ian, the pos­si­ble nun-pa­troness painted in the Tree of Life, who was the in­spi­ra­tion for this book Rosina Ven­dramin (1814–1856) – Ital­ian, pa­troness of the arts, mar­ried to Cosimo Buonar­roti, who in­her­ited Michelan­gelo’s house and pre­served it

For­tu­nata Sul­gher Fan­tas­tici (1755– 1824) – Ital­ian po­et­ess

Feli­cie de Fau­veau (1801–1886) – Tus­can-born French sculp­tress, whose mon­u­ment at Santa Croce AWA re­stored

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