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Select the right club around the green with this sim­ple rule of thumb

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Fault: Us­ing the wrong club for the shot Fix: Fo­cus on carry/run ra­tios

You can split any green­side shot into two por­tions – the dis­tance to the green, and the dis­tance from the edge of the green to the flag. Your most ef­fec­tive chip shot sees the ball in the air for the first part of that, and on or close to the ground for the sec­ond. That al­lows you to land on the green for a pre­dictable bounce. Of course the carry/runout per­cent­ages will vary from chip to chip; but to adapt to this, change the club and not your tech­nique. Here’s how to do it.

Present con­sis­tent loftWhich­ever club you’re us­ing, your abil­ity to carry the ball your cho­sen dis­tance will im­prove when you’re in con­trol of the at­tack an­gle. Keep ball po­si­tion cen­tral and set your shirt but­tons slightly ahead of the ball to cre­ate a sub­tle down­ward blow.

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