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The big­gest pit­falls I see with shorter pitch shots al­ways start at ad­dress. Most am­a­teurs think that they need to lean the shaft for­wards, but this ac­tu­ally de­lofts the club and doesn’t lend it­self to a high-ball flight which lands soft with spin. And spin, re­mem­ber, is con­trol. If you can gauge how far you can throw it and then use the bounce to stop the ball pretty quick, that’s ideal. The best way to do that is by keep­ing the shaft nice and up­right and po­si­tion­ing the ball a lit­tle for­ward of cen­tre to en­cour­age a greater for­ward ro­ta­tion. There’s no need to try and help the ball into the air by lean­ing back. When you’ve got a 60°wedge in your hand, loft can do that – so trust it.

If you do need the ball to spin more for what­ever rea­son, just take a more open stance and set the face slightly open to the tar­get line. But as long as you have good speed and fast ro­ta­tion, you will cre­ate some spin. One-legged so­lu­tion Hit­ting off one leg is a re­ally good drill for shorter shots be­cause there’s no way you can slide into the ball and lean back with­out fall­ing over. In­stead, it will en­cour­age a fuller ro­ta­tion and help to re­tain bal­ance through­out the shot. Spin doc­tor

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