Is this the range of the fu­ture?

We hope so, be­cause it ac­tu­ally tells you the key num­bers to help you im­prove

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We’re all a bit guilty of hit­ting the range with very good in­ten­tions, but then just bash­ing balls for 45 min­utes with no real plan. Apart from watch­ing the ball’s flight most of us have no idea how far shots go, how ac­cu­rate we are or how we’re strik­ing the ball. It’s no sur­prise then many us just don’t im­prove at the range.

So imag­ine how much more fun, in­ter­est­ing and use­ful range ses­sions would be if you had your very own £10,000 Track­man mon­i­tor­ing every shot.

Sound like pie in the sky? Well the firm has just un­veiled Track­man Range, which takes all their tech and rolls it into a pack­age that of­fers every golfer us­ing a driv­ing range the full Track­man ex­pe­ri­ence. Bril­liant!

Golfers will have ac­cess to the same ball flight and club data as the world’s best play­ers, all while prac­tis­ing from a range bay or out­doors on grass. The real tech though is how the sys­tem tracks the ball flights of as many golfers as you can fit on a 130-yard wide range.

We just hope some for­ward-think­ing UK ranges in­vest in the kit; it’s cur­rently only be­ing used on the con­ti­nent.

To use the sys­tem, golfers down­load Track­man’s app, which ef­fec­tively trans­forms their phone into a top-spec launch mon­i­tor. This is not just a re­ally use­ful tool for im­prov­ing, it’s also a sys­tem to help make range time more fun. The app plots every shot you hit on a map of the range, so you’ll never have an ex­cuse for aim­lessly fir­ing balls as you can see how close shots fin­ish to your tar­get. Every shot you hit is tracked by the sys­tem, with data on launch an­gles, ball speeds, back spin and carry and to­tal dis­tances be­ing in­stan­ta­neously flashed on your phone.

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