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Dear Sir,

Af­ter years of de­sire for a 911 but be­ing wor­ried about buy­ing a badly main­tained car plus the cost of re­pair bills, I fi­nally pur­chased a ve­hi­cle. It fit­ted my wishes well. Pur­chased from a main dealer with full main dealer his­tory, due to Porsche’s ex­tend­ing war­ranty pe­riod my Novem­ber 2004 997.1 C2S has a dealer war­ranty to July 2019.

The car has much of the spec­i­fi­ca­tion I wanted but did not have PASM, rather the Sports chas­sis. De­spite this, I bought the car at sticker price be­cause of the main dealer war­ranty and ser­vice his­tory.

The car is harsh on UK roads but as time has gone on (nine months), I have warmed to the idea of less elec­tronic in­ter­rup­tion. The car is also man­ual with Sports Chrono and adap­tive Sports seats.

With this in mind, I was very in­ter­ested to read in is­sue 156, page 58 on PASM, a car with sim­i­lar spec­i­fi­ca­tion to mine went round the Nür­bur­gring over a minute quicker than the PASMe­quipped one (Sport sus­pen­sion op­tion 7.59 against 9.02). Is my spec ve­hi­cle that much quicker than PASM?

I am also in­ter­ested to un­der­stand how com­mon the Sports Chas­sis op­tion was against a nor­mal 997 C2S with PASM. I Sus­pect the Sports chas­sis spec could at­tract a lower price. We must apol­o­gise, Stephen, for that is a typo on our be­half – even Wal­ter Röhrl would be very proud of knock­ing over a minute off his own lap time at the ’Ring! How­ever, to clar­ify, the 997 C2S with Sport sus­pen­sion com­pleted an 8.59 lap, which is still marginally quicker than the car with­out.

Re­gard­ing num­bers for a Sports chas­sis ver­sus PA SM, Porsche says it doesn’t hold that data, though as for val­ues we say a Sports chas­sis doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily com­mand a lower value. The first it­er­a­tion of PA SM is dated by today’s stan­dards and those with track as­pi­ra­tions would pre­fer Sports sus­pen­sion with LSD – that’s a proper driver’s spec, af­ter all, and es­pe­cially in man­ual!

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