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As sum­mer winds down, I am happy to re­port that I will be pick­ing up my 1986 930 from its top-end re­build. You might re­call, what started as a tune-up and rear main seal re­place­ment turned into a re­build af­ter a bro­ken head stud was dis­cov­ered when check­ing the plugs for foul­ing. Get­ting this in time for au­tumn does re­mind me of the old adage about sports cars that they ‘spend all win­ter in stor­age, and all sum­mer in the shop.’

The fi­nal hur­dle was when it was dis­cov­ered that one of my rear en­gine mounts was miss­ing! A bit scary to have been crank­ing down 1.2 bar with­out the en­gine prop­erly se­cured. As this par­tic­u­lar mount is ap­par­ently no longer of­fered new, we had to lo­cate a good used one, and com­bine that with a new/ proper bracket. It was also de­ter­mined that the A/C sys­tem was be­yond re­pair, and was re­placed with an R134 con­ver­sion and new com­pres­sor – again just in time for win­ter! I look for­ward to shar­ing driv­ing im­pres­sions next month.

In other Porsche news I re­cently spot­ted a 1990’s C2 Cabri­o­let that a had the ‘E.T.’ third brake­light (named af­ter the head shape of the alien in Stephen Spiel­berg’s 1980s sci-fi block­buster). It also amused me that it had a ‘pe­ri­od­cor­rect’ cell phone an­tenna! I also saw an in­ter­est­ing 1980s 911 with bolt-on flares that had a sim­i­lar set of black and gold BBS RS wheels as my 930, which I don’t see very of­ten.

Fi­nally, I would men­tion that my busi­ness part­ner fi­nally caught the Porsche 911 bug, and he or­dered a 2018 991 Cabri­o­let. At one point, his wife was push­ing for him to get a Panam­era in­stead, but I was able to get through to him that if you’re go­ing to do this… do it right!

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