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I had a good chuckle when read­ing about Porsche’s new 911 Car­rera T. I’ve had nu­mer­ous 911s over the years and am well versed as to the com­pany’s me­thod­i­cal ap­proach to its mantra of ‘add light­ness’, which of­ten bor­ders on the te­dious (the 996 GT3 RS saved just 20kg in weight over the 996 GT3, for ex­am­ple).

How­ever, this ‘Car­rera Light­weight’ is a step too far. It’s laugh­able! The 991.2 Car­rera is a heavy beast by any 911 stan­dards, and we all know the car can be pared back sig­nif­i­cantly more so than the 20kg man­aged by the Car­rera T. In­stead I’m go­ing to buy a bog-stan­dard 991.2 Car­rera and fit an Akrapovic ex­haust to it: that’s about the same price as a Car­rera T all-in but the ex­haust alone saves more

in gross weight than this whole new car. It also un­leashes more horse­power, whereas the T of­fers no power gain over a Car­rera. In short, the Car­rera T is the big­gest mar­ket­ing joke go­ing – I can’t think why any­body would bother buy­ing it.

We very much like the com­par­i­son be­tween an akrapovic ex­haust sys­tem and a 911 car­rera t, dun­can! While we too think the car­rera t could have of­fered more in terms of be­ing a pared-back purist’s car, we ap­plaud porsche’s en­deav­our to lis­ten to its cus­tomers who wanted a more fo­cused 911 car­rera that wasn’t as ex­pen­sive as a Gt3. We re­serve fi­nal judge­ment un­til our first drive very soon!

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