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Our real-world Porsche 911 own­ers up­date you on their lat­est flat six es­capades

This month started re­ally well. I was en­joy­ing the car again, and run­ning on the 17-inch rims was so much bet­ter, but… a dif­fer­ent noise started from the engine, which sounded like a bear­ing. My thoughts were of the wa­ter pump or al­ter­na­tor, but I kept these thoughts to my­self.

Fast for­ward a week and a warn­ing light starts flash­ing on the dash by the temp gauge. I was cruis­ing on the M5, so backed off and did an in­stru­ment check. Tem­per­a­ture was okay, oil pres­sure good. The engine seemed okay, so I pushed onto my des­ti­na­tion (al­beit at a slower speed). As I pulled off the mo­tor­way and stopped at the lights, I looked in my mir­ror and spot­ted clouds of smoke, which I soon re­alised was steam (it had that odd fishy smell that you get with hot coolant). I im­me­di­ately thought that it was a head gas­ket (and many ££££s flashed be­fore my eyes), so, fig­ur­ing that my engine was al­ready knack­ered, I crawled the last mile to park at work.

The last mile my car was more of a steam engine than an in­ter­nal com­bus­tion, but I turned the heater up and opened the win­dows to try and keep the engine as cool as pos­si­ble, and I made it. I jumped out on ar­rival to check the pipes to see which bank was hav­ing the fail­ure: no vapour out the pipes, just from the engine bay, so it wasn’t a head gas­ket! I shut down the engine and opened the engine cover, steam bil­low­ing out, and I looked un­der­neath to see coolant drain­ing out. At this point I thought re­cov­ery was the most likely sce­nario, but de­cided to leave the car cool­ing and go into work.

Early af­ter­noon I called Clas­sic Line Res­cue (which comes with my in­sur­ance from Clas­sic Line). I phoned the call cen­tre, who were help­ful and ef­fi­cient, and they dis­patched a lo­cal re­cov­ery com­pany. A road­side tech­ni­cian ar­rived from High­field Re­cov­ery (lo­cal to where I was in Ex­eter), who con­firmed it was the wa­ter pump and the car would re­quire re­cov­ery. Af­ter a short wait a re­cov­ery truck ar­rived; since the car had been topped up with fluid it was much eas­ier to drive it onto the loader.

Since my lo­cal motorsport me­chanic is only based a few miles from me, the res­cue com­pany had agreed they could take it there. Af­ter an un­event­ful trip on the M5, the car was un­loaded, and a long stress­ful day ended. The next day I got

con­fir­ma­tion from AVM that it was a wa­ter pump is­sue. They had or­dered a new unit which would arrive early the fol­low­ing week, and they would try and fit it in.

I also asked for an oil change, too. If the engine had heat cy­cled, chang­ing the oil/ fil­ter would be a sen­si­ble move, and the oil could be checked. It was cheaper for me to or­der the Mo­bil 1 from Euro Car Parts with one of their dis­count codes than it was for AVM to get it (own­ing a Porsche doesn’t need to be any more ex­pen­sive than an ev­ery­day car – you just need to shop around). So, oil out, all good (ap­par­ently it still looked new), so hope­fully this means my engine is nice and healthy.

I have driven about 180 miles since and all seems good, so all I can say is thanks to Clas­sic Line res­cue and the guys from High­field who got me home! Hope­fully I won’t be need­ing their ser­vices again!

Bris­tol, UK @rob911_ltl @ROB996LTL

Model 996.1 Car­rera 4 Year 1999

Ac­quired Fe­bru­ary 2014 Rob Clarke

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