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Q: Why do you have to put your foot on the clutch when start­ing the 997? There are a lot of is­sues on other en­gines caus­ing bear­ing prob­lems from do­ing this, as the crank isn’t fully sup­ported. The switch is also prone to fail­ure. Was this a le­gal re­quire­ment and is it some­thing that can be safely by­passed?

James Sa­muel

Scott’s an­swer: As far as I am aware, it isn’t a le­gal re­quire­ment. Clutch switches are used in mod­ern cars to aid the use of stop/ start for emis­sions rea­sons, so it will know when to stop the engine.

With re­gards to a 997, when dip­ping the clutch, it pre­vents start­ing the car in gear for safety rea­sons, avoid­ing the car jerk­ing for­ward. This is use­ful, as more and more peo­ple leave their car in gear when parked. It also re­duces wear on the starter mo­tor as the clutch will be dis­en­gaged – it cre­ates less drag on the engine be­cause gear­box com­po­nents are in­ac­tive.

I have heard of cars that have by­passed the clutch switch, but it can in­duce fault codes logged in the DME as the engine man­age­ment sys­tem will think the clutch is con­stantly de­pressed. There you have it!

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