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As first de­liv­er­ies of Porsche’s 991.2 GT3 with Tour­ing Pack­age take place, there has been much con­jec­ture – par­tic­u­larly on­line – as to whether the car has le­git­i­mately wa­tered on the fire­works of the halo R. As we know, these two flatback 911s have much in com­mon, be­ing light­weight, rear-drive, man­ual 991s with a 4.0-litre, 500hp, nat­u­rally-as­pi­rated flat six.

It’s not hard to see how en­thu­si­asts are ques­tion­ing why the R is still val­ued at more than dou­ble the Tour­ing. How­ever, there’s more to con­sider. The R is a num­bered-pro­duc­tion spe­cial, giv­ing it col­lec­tor’s appeal, and its spec shows a greater com­mit­ment to engi­neer­ing fi­nesse: it has a lighter body than the Tour­ing, with a mag­ne­sium roof, and also boasts a sin­gle­mass fly­wheel. Of course the big ques­tion is: how do they drive?

We’re go­ing to bring you that very fea­ture in a head-to-head test in the Alps later this year but, ei­ther way, I think that both sets of own­ers can be happy. The R is the 911 of its gen­er­a­tion, a line in the sand where Porsche re­alised it can take its GT cars in a dif­fer­ent direc­tion. Like­wise, Tour­ing own­ers can be sat­is­fied they have a car which is sim­i­lar in spec to that spe­cial R, al­beit at a more ac­ces­si­ble price point.

Also, I think high praise is due to Porsche for even build­ing the Tour­ing in the first place. Lets not for­get, it was only five years ago, with the unveiling of the 991.1 GT3 in Geneva, when Porsche pro­claimed PDK trans­mis­sion was the fu­ture of its GT line-up, yet here we are in 2018 com­par­ing two man­ual GT cars with­out a rear wing. Ku­dos to you, Porsche. You have clearly lis­tened to your cus­tomers.

“En­thu­si­asts are ques­tion­ing why the R is still val­ued at more than dou­ble the Tour­ing”

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