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The 991.2 GT3 RS has fi­nally been driven, with Kyle For­tune the lucky man to have ped­alled the blis­ter­ing new Rennsport on your be­half around the de-re­stricted roads of the Isle of Man (I won­der where Porsche GB got that idea from, con­sid­er­ing our au­tumn road trip there in the 991.1 RS!). As ever, con­text and syn­ergy is im­por­tant, so on top of de­liv­er­ing the de­fin­i­tive first drive ver­dict on the ‘green lizard’, we’ve put the car back-to-back against the 996 and 997.2 GT3 RSS to see how the of­fer­ing from each gen­er­a­tion com­pares. As you’ll dis­cover from the epic fea­ture be­gin­ning on page 20, all are dif­fer­ent, save for those fun­da­men­tals that make each car a true 911 sports car.

On the sub­ject of fi­nal RS cars from each gen­er­a­tion, it’s look­ing in­creas­ingly likely that we are in­deed go­ing to see a spe­cial edi­tion be­fore the 991 fi­nally bids us farewell. You may re­mem­ber I called it right from the mo­ment the ‘green lizard’ was re­vealed – the rea­son is that, re­gard­less of how awe­some the 991.2 GT3 RS is (and cut­ting 24 sec­onds from the ‘Ring time of the 991.1 is pretty damned awe­some), its spec just isn’t spe­cial enough for a car which, in all like­li­hood, is go­ing to be the last-ever gen­er­a­tion of Rennsport us­ing at­mo­spheric en­gines.

Ru­mours abound we could see a rear mid-en­gined RSR in homage to the car used by Porsche Mo­tor­sport and cus­tomer teams in the WEC (pic­tured above), said to be very lim­ited on a num­bered pro­duc­tion run. An­noyed you missed out on a 991.2 GT3 RS? Dust your­self down and get that let­ter of in­tent sub­mit­ted to your Porsche Cen­tre right now!

“We could see a rear mid-en­gined RSR in homage to the car used by Porsche mo­tor­sport”

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