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dear Sir, To­tal 911 has been an ed­u­ca­tor, com­pan­ion and friend to me for many years, yet I have never writ­ten in pre­vi­ously. How­ever, I sim­ply could not hold back ku­dos to your team with the su­perla­tive is­sue 164, which put to­gether in one is­sue so many of my favourite Porsche chat top­ics.

I en­joyed your fea­ture on An­dreas Pre­uninger; I con­sider him a rock­star in the Porsche or, in­deed, au­to­mo­tive world, and his Youtube dis­cus­sions on the GT cars of­ten com­pete with the mis­sus for my at­ten­tion when I am home. So it was with much amuse­ment that I learned he was a “freak for rock mu­sic” and col­lects gui­tars…

But you also put side-by-side the fea­ture on 30 years of 4WD and the 997 GTS dossier, and un­wit­tingly re-kin­dled within me a con­flict of de­sire that I had thought was long gone. Let me ex­plain.

I live in Sin­ga­pore and, swayed by rave re­views, I spent some years hunt­ing down the per­fect 997 GTS. There are only a few here and I was not able to find a spec­i­men to my lik­ing, but my jour­ney was not wasted, as I was able to learn much on the beloved 997 both from chats with fel­low en­thu­si­asts and fan­tas­tic pe­ri­od­i­cals such as yours. I ended up with a 2010 C2S, and there­after ex­changed it for a 2009 C4S at my friendly neigh­bour­hood Porsche dealer.

Soon af­ter col­lect­ing it my neigh­bour, a pas­sion­ate petrol­head who counts in his col­lec­tion a Guards red 993 Car­rera 2 tuned to pro­duce well in ex­cess of 300hp, could not re­sist com­ing to me with a deep frown and a tone that barely masked his dis­ap­proval, to ask why I had cho­sen to aban­don a ‘pure’ C2S for a C4S.

I was quite proud to dis­till the fruits of my hunt and my stud­ies into three main rea­sons. I found the C4S to be no less in­volv­ing, and its steer­ing was ob­vi­ously stead­ier with a splash more weight to my lik­ing when com­pared with the C2S (a plus for a daily driver). I en­joyed be­ing able to drive the C4S no dif­fer­ently in both the dry and the wet (com­pared with the UK av­er­age at around 36 per cent with to­tal pre­cip­i­ta­tion of 885mm, it rains on av­er­age some 60 per cent of the year on this trop­i­cal is­land with an an­nual rain­fall of some 2,166mm). Lastly, that je ne sais quoi 44mm-wider rear, ac­cen­tu­ated by the iconic red re­flec­tor unit­ing its two rear lamps, al­ways made me walk around my car af­ter park­ing just so I could look at it. My neigh­bour laughed and nod­ded his head with child­like glee and we went our sep­a­rate ways – an­other 4WD 911 con­vert per­haps?

Read­ing your fea­ture proved to be the per­fect coda for my 997 jour­ney, for it con­sol­i­dated and en­hanced my learn­ing and love for the 4WD 911 which, not­with­stand­ing the cur­rent per­fec­tion of the tech­nol­ogy, con­tin­ues to be dogged with ‘fake news’ about it be­ing more ster­ile and less ag­ile when com­pared with its 2WD sis­ter.

Flip­ping there­after to the buyer’s guide on the 997 GTS, I was re­minded of the start of my jour­ney and, con­tented and happy as I am, it ad­mit­tedly stirred up a what-if and a what-could-have been. It also leads to my ques­tions, which have never been sat­is­fac­to­rily an­swered in many fo­rums and sadly not in your guide: ac­knowl­edg­ing the bril­liance of the GTS, but putting aside the aes­thet­ics (the black-themed ex­te­rior bits, the Al­can­tara in­te­rior and the abil­ity to delete the rear seats) and its re­duced noise in­su­la­tion, is the GTS not sim­ply just a C2S or C4S with all me­chan­i­cal-en­hance­ment op­tions ticked? If my C4S al­ready has the wide body and Sports Chrono Pack­age Plus, would I be get­ting the full GTS ex­pe­ri­ence if I retro­fit­ted the pow­erkit? Is the GTS re­ally an ex­am­ple of how a car can be greater than the sum of its op­tions or is it just hype? Shawn chen

thanks for the kind words, Shawn – I’m also glad to see our con­tent in t911 con­tin­ues to stir the emo­tions! In re­gards to c4s ver­sus GTS, some as­pects of the Gts’s spec­i­fi­ca­tion can be repli­cated (you men­tion the pow­erkit would boost your c4s to the 408hp of the GTS), but then there are some op­tions which are ex­clu­sive to the GTS, for ex­am­ple the cen­tre-lock­ing rs Spy­der wheels. You’ll also need to check if spring rates and damp­ing set­tings are the same. For the money – and lengths – you’d go to for a full con­ver­sion, you’re bet­ter off sim­ply buy­ing a gen­uine GTS.

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