In­vest­ment po­ten­tial & own­er­ship ex­pe­ri­ence

Total 911 - - Porsche Index: 996.1 Gt3 -

You’ll hardly need us to point out that own­ing a 996 GT3 is go­ing to prove a very spe­cial ex­pe­ri­ence, one that de­liv­ers you back to a dis­tinctly more ana­logue age. Of course, it’s worth re­mem­ber­ing these cars are al­most 20 years old and most have been driven hard, so an el­e­ment of cau­tion is go­ing to be re­quired when it comes to buy­ing one, and get­ting the best out of own­er­ship will mean car­ing for it prop­erly.

As for in­vest­ment po­ten­tial, we’ve al­ready noted the up­swing in val­ues a cou­ple of years ago, and there’s no rea­son to think that any­thing but a steady climb in years to come isn’t on the cards. You should how­ever be aware there are two GT3 mar­kets, split be­tween well-used track cars and, for a con­sid­er­ably higher pre­mium, low-mileage col­lec­tor cars. How­ever, as the 911 gets larger and more de­pen­dent on tech­nol­ogy there will al­ways be a ready mar­ket for some­thing that demon­strates a purer ap­proach to the busi­ness of driv­ing. This is a Ne­unelfer that fits that par­tic­u­lar brief bet­ter than most.

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