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Ash­land, Ore­gon

Model 2.4-litre 911s Year 1972 Ac­quired 2018 Model 964 car­rera 4 Year 1989 Ac­quired 2015 Model 964 car­rera 2 reimag­ined by singer Year 1990 Ac­quir­ing 2018 Model 964 c4 sa­fari Year 1991 Ac­quired 2018 Model 993 c4s Year 1996 Ac­quired 2016 Model 993 turbo Year 1997 Ac­quired 2015 Model 997.2 Gt3 rs Year 2011 Ac­quired 2016 Model 991.2 car­rera 4s Year 2017 Ac­quired 2016 Model 991.2 turbo s Year 2018 Ac­quired 2017

What 911 shapes most please you?

One of my favourites is the or­gan­i­cally shaped rear wing on the 993 Turbo. It looks like it was heated in an oven to soften, al­low­ing grav­ity to lay the sides of the wing down to mimic the form of the rear arches.

I’m also smit­ten by the rounded quar­ter pan­els en­velop­ing the rear wheels, the sub­dued front wings, the clas­sic 911 wind­shield close to your face, the white gauges… I could go on.

When I got this 993 Turbo, it had 30,000 miles on it from three pre­vi­ous own­ers. The prior owner had driven the car just un­der 1,000 miles over a five-year own­er­ship. The PTS Po­lar sil­ver paint looked great, the paint me­ter read­outs sug­gest­ing un­touched body pan­els from new. The Ru­bi­con grey in­te­rior was im­mac­u­late, the car ap­peared un­mo­lested and com­plete right down to the Becker ra­dio code card. It drove as ex­pected, with per­haps a bit of gear whine in forth and fifth, but per­haps I should have been more thor­ough with a pre-pur­chase in­spec­tion?

It was sub­se­quently ap­par­ent that ro­dents had made them­selves at home while the car sat rarely driven. Hid­den from view by the Turbo’s full-width in­ter­cooler, the top of the en­gine cases and the air-con­di­tion­ing evap­o­ra­tor were filled with ro­dent ex­cre­ment and more – yuck! The fix in­cluded a new evap­o­ra­tor and re­lated parts, and thor­ough clean­ing of the front and rear com­part­ments.

As a pre­cau­tion, the gear­box was re­moved and sent to a spe­cial­ist for in­spec­tion. The re­port was that it de­served a full re­build due to some worn bear­ings, gears and shift forks. The lim­ited-slip could be over­come by hand, so a new Guard LSD was added. Turns out the ‘box had been mod­i­fied be­fore, with close ra­tio up­per gears along with a light fly­wheel. Com­pared to stock, forth and fifth were three per cent shorter, and sixth 12 per cent lower. The en­gine spins at 3,000rpm at 70mph in sixth. The ra­tio­nale for the prior gear­box/fly­wheel mods re­mains un­known. Per­haps a for­mer owner had en­joyed some track days and thus re-geared ac­cord­ingly?

I’m a self-con­fessed stance-aholic: if it sits right, it drives right. The only mod I’ve done in ad­di­tion to fresh paint­pro­tec­tion film and a Rennline strut brace was a set of Bil­stein PSS10 coilovers, with the car low­ered about an inch all round.

It does in­deed drive right, though it’s rel­a­tively heavy – as cur­rently set up

I find the car very tur­bu­lent through a se­ries of s-curves. The ex­haust sound is muted by the tur­bos, so I both feel and hear the tires work­ing, the four con­tact patches of the Miche­lin Pi­lot Sports com­mu­ni­cat­ing good in­for­ma­tion back to the seat, hands and ears.

I’ve en­joyed a few fun day trips with this car and hope to take it on a tour this year. At al­most every stop dur­ing a jour­ney, my first ac­tion is to hop out to view that rear wing… a hope­less but pre­sum­ably harm­less in­fat­u­a­tion.

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