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Total 911 - - Living The Legend – 911 Owner Reports -

Lon­don, UK

Model 996 turbo Year 2003

Ac­quired April 2014

The car’s been due a re­fresh in the brak­ing depart­ment for a while now, and I must ad­mit that

I’ve been a lit­tle slack at get­ting around to sort­ing it out. Even­tu­ally I knew I shouldn’t put it off any longer and I booked the car into my favourite spe­cial­ists, Porschacare in Steve­nage, for a com­plete brak­ing over­haul. It’s no good hav­ing 500bhp un­der your right foot if you can’t stop the thing is there?

Disc-wise I opted for EBC’S drilled OEM re­place­ment set-up. I’ve al­ways heard good things about EBCS and have run them on pre­vi­ous 911s; they of­fer a range of af­ter­mar­ket OEM re­place­ment discs which, when you fac­tor in the com­par­a­tive per­for­mance ver­sus OE, look to be in­cred­i­bly good value. The discs mea­sure the same di­men­sions as the fac­tory ef­fort so there’s no prob­lem fit­ting, and as with all EBC prod­ucts the qual­ity is al­ways first class.

Pads-wise I opted for EBC’S well­re­garded Yel­low Stuff op­tion. De­signed to with­stand more abuse than their other pads, EBC’S Yel­low Stuff pads of­fer high fric­tion from cold and are re­sis­tant to heat fade, which will be use­ful should I hit any track days this sum­mer.

I went for new pads and discs all round – not sur­pris­ing as there were al­most no pads left on any cor­ner! Wear mark­ers? You can for­get those! I have lit­er­ally worn those away too.

With all four cor­ners fet­tled the car fi­nally stops – and I mean a face-warp­ing, I-may-go-through-the-wind­screen kind of stop­ping. Even bet­ter is that there are no an­noy­ing squeaks when hot or cold. I had read with some in­trigue that when pro­duced, the 996 Turbo had the

largest brake set-up of any pro­duc­tion car, but un­til this week I would have bet my house against that, from be­hind the pedal at least. Now I get it, and what is in­ter­est­ing is how much per­for­mance is af­fected even when you are within le­gal lim­its. There is no ac­cu­rate science, but I would es­ti­mate the car now needs a third less road to stop, and that makes me far more con­fi­dent when I’m push­ing on a bit – and a lit­tle bit scared con­sid­er­ing how long I have been driv­ing the Turbo with a re­ally abused set-up.

While the car was on the ramp at Porschacare the guys gave the rest of the 996’s brak­ing sys­tem a good check over and dis­cov­ered a few bits and pieces that needed at­ten­tion. The car needed a sec­tion of cop­per brake line re­plac­ing, a cou­ple of new unions fit­ting and a flexi-hose on the rear axle, too. It also needed four new brake pad wear sen­sor wires which came in at just un­der a ten­ner each, so I cer­tainly can’t moan. The only other job the guys found was one of the threads on one of the rear calipers needed re­pair­ing, which caused them no bother at all. Big thanks goes to Porschacare for look­ing af­ter me and tak­ing such good care of the car. First­class ser­vice as usual.

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