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Model 996.1 car­rera 4 Year 1999 Ac­quired fe­bru­ary 2014

As men­tioned last month I was go­ing to put a few hun­dred miles on the car and then check the coolant again. Much to my dis­may the level had dropped, so I parked the car up and hope­fully this week­end it will have a pres­sure test. Hope­fully there will be a pud­dle on the floor, which is an easy fix. If the pres­sure drops with no pud­dle this may spell dis­as­ter! I am hop­ing for a vis­i­ble leak. I will keep you all posted!

This month was the launch of the new Cayenne so, not to miss an op­por­tu­nity for a car launch, I went along to the Bristol OPC. The new Cayenne is a great im­prove­ment over the last model; it has been made a bit more an­gu­lar rather than rounded, a vast im­prove­ment. It was good to see the new head of Porsche UK, Alexan­der Pol­lich, in the deal­er­ship an­nounc­ing the launch. For me the high­light wasn’t the Cayenne, but the 919 replica in pride of place in the show­room. It is amaz­ing how small these cars are, a lot smaller than the old Group Cs.

Also in­ter­est­ing is the shift in the move to elec­tric and hy­brid. Will we have the same pas­sion for an elec­tric or hy­brid 911? The thing for me is the sound, I’m not sure the sat­is­fac­tion of a flat six can be re­placed by an elec­tric car…

This month I have also booked my­self on a track day, sched­uled in about two months’ time, so as long as my car coolant is­sue is re­solved I will be putting it on track. To date I have not driven this car on track; I have driven a few times at the Sil­ver­stone Ex­pe­ri­ence Cen­tre in one of the pro­vided ve­hi­cles, I have raced a Corsa at Au­tocross (UK Au­tocross, dif­fer­ent from Amer­i­can au­tocross), but I’ve not put my C4 into ac­tion on track so I am look­ing for­ward to it. Lastly, I have been look­ing at an­other 996 this month, not for me but help­ing a friend out who is think­ing of buy­ing. Sadly we walked away as there were too many is­sues. It is amaz­ing what knowl­edge I have gained over the last few years, but at least I have put it to use for once. Fin­gers crossed the coolant is­sue isn’t a head gas­ket!

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