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dear Sir,

I’ve fol­lowed de­vel­op­ment of the new Speed­ster very closely af­ter your ex­cel­lent tip-off back in 2015 that the model was likely to be built (To­tal 911 is­sue 127). I have had a let­ter of in­tent sit­ting with my dealer ever since. Your re­port­ing on the car has so far been ac­cu­rate as Porsche’s open-topped beauty has been coaxed off the de­vel­op­ment floor and into the pub­lic eye. This week­end I got to see the car in the metal for the first time af­ter a run up the hill as well as on the stand at the Good­wood Fes­ti­val of Speed.

I per­son­ally think the car looks great and for me is a re­turn to form af­ter the 997, which didn’t quite hit the spot in be­ing true to the Speed­ster’s routes. What I don’t un­der­stand is why the car has been re­vealed as a ‘con­cept’. Ev­ery­body knew the car was com­ing this year – it has been the worstkept se­cret since, well, the last new model, in this case the GT3 RS – yet no­body, even your­selves, in­ti­mated any­thing about the car be­ing a con­cept. Do you know why this is?

I spoke with sev­eral Porsche rep­re­sen­ta­tives at Good­wood but no­body was able to give me a di­rect an­swer, though I did learn that some de­sign el­e­ments won’t make fi­nal pro­duc­tion. Porsche says it ‘could’ build the car, while oth­ers in­clud­ing your­selves say 1,948 will be built, and they are all spo­ken for. What’s the of­fi­cial line, please? Ja­cob Ben­nett porsche has al­ways fully in­tended to build its Speed­ster, so the idea it is ‘con­sid­er­ing a pro­duc­tion build’ is mere mar­ket­ing spin. ac­cord­ing to some wellplaced sources, the rea­son porsche hasn’t yet re­leased the car for pro­duc­tion is it doesn’t cur­rently have the ca­pac­ity to build any, let alone the quoted 1,948 mod­els. this would make sense, see­ing as the 991.2 Gt3 rs too has seen de­lays to build times due to sup­ply is­sues.

no mat­ter, you can ex­pect the Speed­ster to be launched in due time, though don’t ex­pect to see the con­trast-coloured front pu as on the cur­rent con­cept.

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