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Model 996 Car­rera 4S Year 2002

Ac­quired April 2017

Last is­sue I men­tioned how, af­ter a mere three cor­ners of my track day at Cas­tle Combe, my C4S suf­fered epic brake fail, forc­ing the car into an early fin­ish. I didn’t hang around in get­ting the prob­lem fixed, re­mem­ber­ing my old man’s oft-re­cited say­ing that “the most im­por­tant as­pect of a car is its abil­ity to stop”. Long-time read­ers will re­call I changed the brakes on my pre­vi­ous 996.2 C4 to EBC a cou­ple of years back, so the de­ci­sion to turn to them once again was an easy one, promptly or­der­ing Yel­low­stuff pads, Dot 4 fluid and braided lines. I then booked the car in at ZRS En­gi­neer­ing down the road in Poole, as Matt there now does all work on my beloved C4S.

With the car on Matt’s two-post ramp, the wheels were whipped off and the pads re­moved. They had plenty of meat on them still as they were only in­stalled at the end of 2017 but, as I’ve pre­vi­ously men­tioned, I’ve just not been happy with their (com­plete lack of) feel and per­for­mance, de­spite fluid changes to al­le­vi­ate the is­sue. In­ci­den­tally the pads had ‘TRW’ on the cov­ers, which Matt in­forms me is the OEM brand, but whether or not it was just those cov­ers which in this case were TRW re­mains to be seen. Ei­ther way, I took great plea­sure in fris­bee­ing them into the bin.

EBC’S Yel­low­stuff pads were then in­stalled in­side the C4S’S Big Red calipers: th­ese are in­tended for fast road and oc­ca­sional track use, as they of­fer per­for­mance in huge heat ranges with­out brake fade. Al­though fash­ion isn’t ex­actly a pri­or­ity when it comes to safety, it was great to see the yel­low hue of the pads adding to the vis­ual flare of my yel­low KW coilover springs, at least with the wheels off!

Matt then re­placed my rub­ber fac­tory brake lines with EBC braided items. Th­ese will pro­vide ad­di­tional feel through the pedal, sorely needed in my case, and their braided el­e­ment of­fers an in­crease in longevity un­der­neath my C4S. With iden­ti­cal rout­ing as per the fac­tory lines, their fit was sim­ple enough. They’re good value: al­though the fit­tings don’t ap­pear to be stain­less steel (as they’re painted), they’re still good value when com­pared to vastly more ex­pen­sive com­peti­tor items. I was pleased to have them fit­ted.

Matt did have to make up new hard lines from each caliper as mine had cor­roded. A 996 will al­ways throw up a curve ball on a job like this, par­tic­u­larly with rust or cor­ro­sion on chas­sis com­po­nen­try, so the added time needed for Matt to make those up be­fore con­nect­ing to the EBC lines was ex­pected, re­ally.

With the braided lines in place Matt flushed out the old brake fluid, which ran for the hills when tem­per­a­tures be­gan to rise dur­ing the first few min­utes of my afore­men­tioned track day. I got two

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