Model 996.1 Car­rera 4 Year 1999 Ac­quired Fe­bru­ary 2014

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The road trip to the York­shire Dales nearly didn’t hap­pen for me as it was un­clear if my car was go­ing to run, but as you would have read last month, with a week to go my car had the all clear.

I fig­ured I would get my 18-inch rims on the car, but as ever the sim­ple things never go as smooth as you ex­pect.

This time one of my wheel crests fell off, but some go­rilla glue epoxy fixed that. Fel­low Legend Joe sent through a com­pre­hen­sive set of in­struc­tions

rec­om­mend­ing full tanks at the start. I fol­lowed this ad­vice and set a course for a petrol sta­tion near our ren­dezvous point. A 207-mile un­event­ful jour­ney and I had a full tank of fuel.

I was first to ar­rive at our ren­dezvous point in Colling­ham. Ten min­utes later Joe ar­rived, an­other few min­utes and both Chris and Sean ar­rived. Af­ter a gen­eral catch up both Chris and Sean an­nounced they had failed to fuel their cars, but luck­ily the first stretch went past a fuel stop.

For me the first day had two key points to take away. Firstly, on day one I did feel I was at a power and gear­box dis­ad­van­tage. The roads on day one were not as wide as you’d de­sire and were lined with veg­e­ta­tion. For me this meant that I was not on the power un­til I was clear of the cor­ner and could see my exit, and this is when the oth­ers could ef­fort­lessly pull away.

Sec­ond take away is to check your car; in my case check your af­ter­mar­ket in­duc­tion pipe! We had pulled into a lane to re­group and my dash lit up like a Christ­mas tree and the en­gine died. My heart sank. All I could think was maybe it wasn’t my ex­pan­sion tank but my head gas­ket. I turned her over, noth­ing. Tried

again, noth­ing. On throt­tle she sput­tered into life, but had a mas­sive mis­fire. As soon as I lifted off the throt­tle she died. I checked for coolant and leaks. It all looked fine! I looked fur­ther and found that the in­duc­tion pipe was loose. Ten min­utes later it was back on and the car started. Re­sult!

Day two, for me, was a far bet­ter driv­ing day as the roads were more open. With bet­ter vis­i­bil­ity I could equalise my car’s (Tip­tronic) gear­box and power deficit by driv­ing smarter! With clear vis­i­bil­ity through the cor­ners I could af­ford to brake ear­lier, change down and get on to the power sooner so I was on the tail of my faster col­leagues, so much so that Sean even com­mented on how sur­prised he was of how quick the ‘wrong’ 996 was!

In fact, I sur­prised my­self when I was hang­ing on to the back of Chris’ Car­rera S. We ended the trip in Set­tle with fish and chips and then started the jour­ney home. For me this was about 260 miles, so cruise con­trol went on and I pointed the car back to Bris­tol. This is what makes own­er­ship great; you meet peo­ple with a com­mon passion and you en­joy this passion to­gether. Hope­fully we will do this again soon.

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