Model 996 Turbo Year 2003 Ac­quired April 2014

Total 911 - - Living The Legend – 911 Owner Reports - Joel New­man Lon­don, UK

I was get­ting ready to list my Turbo; in fact, I was driv­ing back having had the car pol­ished, think­ing about ex­actly what my sales ad­vert might say, when I started to won­der if I was hear­ing some­thing…

No, sadly I was not. I thought the tick­ing was em­a­nat­ing from the front left, but as hap­pens when you are driv­ing above 30mph it was quite dif­fi­cult to pin­point – it gets quicker and louder with speed. It’s also more prom­i­nent when turn­ing left.

I got un­der the car to have a closer look and lo and be­hold some of my plas­tic un­der­tray was hang­ing down, clearly catch­ing the wind. Some scis­sors and a bit of a hack later and the of­fend­ing area was no longer present. Af­ter a test drive the sound re­mained – not ideal when you have just lobbed off a chunk of un­der­tray for seem­ingly no ap­par­ent rea­son!

Once again I called Porschacare, my trusted spe­cial­ist, who even over the phone told me it sounded like one of my drive­shafts may be on the way out. Af­ter tak­ing my car in that di­ag­no­sis was con­firmed. Matt, the owner and great­est Porsche mechanic I have ever come across, was kind enough to point me away from an OEM re­place­ment from Porsche at £700+VAT and to­ward an ebay list­ing for two drive shafts from a 996 C4, which work across the C4/ C4s/turbo range.

Listed at £100 for the pair, I en­quired what the buy it now price was and £90 later they were mine! Funny story, the chap sell­ing them turned out to be the owner of Race Tech­nol­ogy, a com­pany I know as it has timed a few events for me over the years! We had a nice chat and it turns out he is cur­rently build­ing a 900bhp 996 Turbo with a rear-wheeldrive con­ver­sion and a track-fo­cused C4 – from which the drive shafts I needed em­anated.

Matt whipped out the old unit and in his words said that it was “fall­ing to bits”, so we have cer­tainly found the of­fend­ing item. As I had hoped, the car is now whis­per quiet. It turns out that the click­ing was one of a num­ber of au­ral symp­toms I must have got­ten used to, as the cabin is con­sid­er­ably qui­eter than it was.

The irony is that in the last two months, af­ter de­cid­ing to sell, I have spent the most I ever have on the car. With the cur­rent down­turn in mar­ket val­ues now is not re­ally the best time to sell, but un­less I take the plunge I may never do it, and I want to experience a host of other cars.

If any­one is look­ing for a man­ual 996 Turbo and has fol­lowed my monthly reports, please pop me a mes­sage.

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