Th­ese brakes aren’t just for ef­fec­tive stop­ping: PCCBS negate brake fade, re­duce wear and im­prove han­dling, as To­tal 911 ex­plains…

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Af­ter the tech­nol­ogy was un­veiled to the world at the 1999 IAA in Frankfurt, Porsche Car­bon Ce­ramic Brakes (a joint project be­tween Porsche and SGL Car­bon) were launched in 2001 on the 996-gen­er­a­tion GT2.

PCCB discs are con­structed of a car­bon-fi­bre-re­in­forced ce­ramic core, cov­ered with an ad­di­tional ce­ramic fric­tion layer. The re­sult of 20 days man­u­fac­tur­ing, car­bon ce­ramic discs are 50 per cent lighter than cast iron discs of the same size. The re­duc­tion in un­sprung and ro­tat­ing mass at each cor­ner of the car re­sults in more re­spon­sive han­dling and im­proved ac­cel­er­a­tion.

As well as the han­dling ben­e­fits, PCCB also ben­e­fits the brak­ing per­for­mance it­self. The ce­ramic coat­ing improves the fric­tion co­ef­fi­cient, im­prov­ing ini­tial ‘bite’ when the brakes are ap­plied. This leads to greater confidence when at­tempt­ing to brake late for a cor­ner.

The com­bi­na­tion of metal­lic sil­i­con and sil­i­con car­bide cre­ates a ma­te­rial (when com­bined with car­bon fi­bre) that also of­fers im­proved wear com­pared to stan­dard discs. This re­duces brake fade dur­ing pe­ri­ods of pro­longed use. The ma­te­rial is also more ac­cus­tomed to op­er­at­ing at higher tem­per­a­tures, mean­ing that discs are less likely to warp and ‘knock back’ the brake pads.

All this pro­duces a con­stant brake pedal feel, some­thing that improves a driver’s confidence when ap­ply­ing the brakes. Iden­ti­fi­able by the big yel­low calipers hold­ing a mega six pis­tons at ei­ther end of the front axle and four at ei­ther rear, PCCB is a vi­tal ad­di­tion to any 911 that is go­ing to see a lot of track ac­tion, though it is costly, with prices start­ing from £6,500 in 991 form. Re­place­ment, though not an of­ten oc­cur­rence, is far north of that. PCCBS come as stan­dard spec­i­fi­ca­tion on both the 991 GT2 RS and all wa­ter-cooled gen­er­a­tions of Turbo S.

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