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Per­haps the most fre­quent ques­tion fired into the ears of my ed­i­to­rial staff and I this year has been, “What’s go­ing on with the clas­sic mar­ket?” Un­for­tu­nately the query is as com­pli­cated as it is com­mon: there is no easy an­swer. There’s no ques­tion those glo­ri­ous days of ‘the great Porsche boom’ (think circa 2014 to 2016), where val­ues of clas­sic and mod­ern-clas­sic 911s ap­pre­ci­ated al­most on a weekly ba­sis, are long gone, re­placed with a pe­riod of sta­bil­ity as the mar­ket has caught up with it­self.

Many deal­ers are adamant this pe­riod of sta­bil­i­sa­tion has car­ried on into 2018, but there is ev­i­dence the mar­ket ap­pears to have slowed in places. Many en­thu­si­asts have picked up on this and, de­spite ex­perts still do­ing their best to talk the mar­ket up, we’re start­ing to see the early signs of a lack of con­fi­dence, par­tic­u­larly in the UK.

Likely as a di­rect con­se­quence of the Brexit farce, many are re­luc­tant to spend their cash un­til the eco­nomic pic­ture be­comes clearer, and so de­mand has fallen. That means those try­ing to get out of their cars are hav­ing to sub­stan­tially lower their prices in or­der to get even a sniff of in­ter­est.

What can we learn from this? Firstly, there needs to be a col­lec­tive ac­cep­tance that the mar­ket has changed and, with it, a re­al­i­sa­tion our cars might not be worth what they were last year.

Sec­ondly (and far more pos­i­tively), if you’re in the mood for adding to your 911 sta­ble, it’s a good time to do so. It’s a buyer’s mar­ket right now: you’ll find lots of choice in the clas­si­fieds and, with many own­ers or in­vestors keen to get out, the pos­si­bil­ity of a cheeky deal is rife. Of course, with less of this ‘col­lec­tor car’ and ‘in­vest­ment-grade’ rhetoric fla­grantly wo­ven into the 911 mar­ket­place, the big pos­i­tive is that we can all re­turn to the idea of ac­tu­ally driv­ing our Porsche 911s, rather than tuck­ing them away in the hope of a quick pay­day in the near fu­ture. They’re built to be driven, after all – re­gard­less of the eco­nomic cli­mate!

“It’s a buyer’s mar­ket right now”

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