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Dear Sir,

I be­lieve that some data in your data file is wrong. For the 1973 Car­rera 2.7 RS you have the width down as 1,610mm, whereas the cor­rect width is 1,652mm. Like­wise, for the 1974 Car­rera 2.7 the width is also 1,652mm. I also can­not find any fac­tory files that say the SC is 1,626mm width, as stated in the mag­a­zine. In­stead I be­lieve it’s the same as the 2.7 RS and 2.7 Car­rera with a 1,652mm width.

Best re­gards, Mi­ran Jelovsek,

Thanks very much in­deed for get­ting in con­tact and cor­rect­ing us on a cou­ple of stats in our data file, Mi­ran. You are of course right, and the amend­ments have al­ready been made. our data file sec­tion is crammed with stats for ev­ery porsche 911 model cre­ated, so while ev­ery care has been taken to en­sure th­ese are painstak­ingly ac­cu­rate, we’re al­ways grate­ful for feed­back to en­sure those pages – cru­cial for so many as­pects of our com­mu­nity – are per­fect. thanks again.

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