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Lon­don, UK

Model 996 Turbo Year 2003

Ac­quired April 2014 This month the old girl, in a bid to get her ready for sale, has been treated to all-new boots. I did try and get my hands on a set of Miche­lin Pi­lot Sport 4s, as I have heard they re­ally are rather good, but for love nor money I could not find a set any­where.

It does seem odd that a freshly re­leased tyre was so hard to come by, so I ended up go­ing for some Michellin PS2S in the end. I have to say, they are ut­terly fan­tas­tic.

We all know what a dif­fer­ence new tyres make, but of­ten we leave it till we are on the limit, or at least that’s what I do! The is­sue here is that sub­jec­tively you fail to no­tice the in­cre­men­tal loss, es­pe­cially in a car you drive ev­ery­day, and even more so if it’s the only car you drive full stop.

I can­not fathom the level of grip avail­able, and it does high­light that per­haps my last choice of tyre, some Vre­destein Ul­trac Vor­tis, were not as great as I thought they were. The dif­fer­ence re­ally is night and day.

I do en­joy the odd spir­ited drive, and the PS2S al­low you to get on the throt­tle mid-cor­ner and keep your foot planted. No hint of wheel­spin or loss of trac­tion in the dry at all, which was not the case pre­vi­ously.

The brak­ing, too, has im­proved a great deal, with re­duced stop­ping dis­tances. More em­phat­i­cally, I’ve achieved a level of con­fi­dence in the car that sim­ply has not been there in my four years of own­er­ship, and it’s taken me three sets of tyres to get there.

In ret­ro­spect, the Pirelli P Ze­ros the car came in were noisy, not par­tic­u­larly grippy in the wet and wore at a rate that was frankly a lit­tle ab­surd. Now, only time will tell how the PS2S stand up, but in all other ar­eas so far they have over de­liv­ered on my ex­pec­ta­tions. I won­der just how much bet­ter the PS4S ac­tu­ally are? If they are an im­prove­ment on the PS2, which we can as­sume they are, then they must be fan­tas­tic.

If you are in the mar­ket for some rub­ber then do see if you can get hold of Miche­lin Pi­lot Sport 4s. If, how­ever, you can’t, the PS2S are by no means a sub­sti­tute. In fact, my old C4, as many of you may re­mem­ber, is now owned by a friend, who after one drive in my Turbo pur­chased a set there and then. I’m not sure what that says about him, but you won’t be dis­ap­pointed!

The only is­sue that has arisen is that I have fallen a bit in love again with my Turbo and am keep­ing it for now, which I guess is a rather large tes­ta­ment to the new shoes.

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