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Poole, UK @James­samuel4 997.1 Turbo Model 2008 Year April 2015 Ac­quired 996.1 GT3 Model 2000 Year Jan­uary 2018 Ac­quired Au­gust has been a very quiet month with the cars. Sadly I had to can­cel a track day at Good­wood as we were due to com­plete on our house move, al­though very an­noy­ingly it moved by a few days so I could have at­tended after all.

With my next one not booked un­til Oc­to­ber it seems a per­fect op­por­tu­nity over the next cou­ple of months to do some checks and main­te­nance on the GT3.

Due to the move the cars have also been in stor­age at a friends, so other than the oc­ca­sional chance to pop over and grab them for a quick run not many trips have been com­pleted, though I did make it to the 9Werks open day at Poole Ac­ci­dent Re­pair with my nine month old, which was in­for­ma­tive. It was fun to catch up with some friends there, too.

The Turbo had an is­sue with a brake pad warn­ing sen­sor which was quickly rec­ti­fied, and I have also picked up the spe­cial fluid for the front diff clutch packs, so once I get the cars back I can get down to ZRS En­gi­neer­ing to give that a flush and that will be all the flu­ids changed in the last month.

While in, Matt wanted to do a full scan of the car us­ing his du­ra­met­ric pro, which showed ev­ery­thing to be fine, and the all-im­por­tant rev range re­port showed noth­ing of con­cern.

While be­ing be­tween houses ZRS has kindly let me use their of­fice to work from, and they’ve had some great cars in for work. A lovely 912 was in for some sus­pen­sion tweaks and up­dates plus a lovely set of cus­tom cen­tre-exit tailpipes, and a 3.2 Car­rera was also in for some TLC.

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