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Do some re­search into ap­pro­pri­ate roll-bars and choose one with a broad spread, sub­stan­tial ‘feet’, and that bolts di­rectly to the floor and seat belt mounts. Michael Clev­er­ley favours the item pic­tured here, pro­duced by GC Fab­ri­ca­tions, and which has ‘feet’ and ‘sand­wich plates’ that tightly butt up to the MX-5’S rear bulk­head walls, in­creas­ing the rigid­ity and strength of the en­tire struc­ture. When fit­ting this roll­bar, though, you’ll be slic­ing through metal with a disc-cut­ter, so re­mem­ber to dig out proper pro­tec­tion for your­self and your car’s in­te­rior. At a cou­ple of stages there will be sharp-edged metal in the ar­eas of the car you’re work­ing, so con­sider sturdy gloves, or have a sup­ply of plas­ters to hand. When trial-fit­ting the roll-bar and dur­ing fi­nal fit­ting, you’ll need an ex­tra pair of hands – it’s a heavy bit of kit and needs ac­cu­rate place­ment.


1 x 10mm ratchet and socket 1 x 16mm socket

1 x elec­tric drill

1 x right-an­gled driver

1 x mea­sur­ing calipers

1 x sil­i­con sealant and gun

1 x forked trim re­moval tool 1 x elec­tric disc cut­ter

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