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We were sur­prised to learn from an MX-5 spe­cial­ist that he’d al­ready re­placed three mk4 hoods. At about six hours’ work each time. He reck­oned that holes had been rubbed through the fab­ric by fre­quent con­tact with the roll hoop.

A quick trawl through the fo­rums sug­gests that the rub­bing of hood against hoop isn’t un­com­mon: the Z-sport we had in for road test is a case in point, and we no­ticed that the hoops now have lit­tle clear pro­tec­tive strips on them to lessen the fric­tion. (Sadly, we peeled them off be­fore we re­alised what they were for…) Ac­cord­ing to a voice of rea­son on one fo­rum, it clearly states in the hand­book that the hood should be locked into its closed po­si­tion from out­side the car, and by do­ing so there will be about 5mm clear­ance be­twixt hoop and hood.

We’ve also seen sev­eral com­plaints about the hood’s in­ner lin­ing de­tach­ing and be­ing fixed un­der war­ranty. In the US there was a Mazda Ser­vice Bul­letin re­gard­ing hood is­sues, which re­sulted in sev­eral mk4 hoods be­ing re­placed FOC.

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