Total MX-5 - - HOW TO - Thanks: Michael Clev­er­ley of Clev­er­ley Re­paired Cars.

If you’re work­ing out­side do check the weather fore­cast: rain is no fun. Spend a bit of time on the in­ter­net fo­rums, too, and get a feel for what sort of pads will best suit the type of driv­ing you ex­pect to be do­ing – track-bi­ased pads might give you first-class brag­ging rights, but they may not ac­tu­ally be so won­der­ful on the road, even if you’re a quick driver. As­sem­ble the tools you’ll need: a 14mm socket, a torque wrench for the wheel nuts, a file to clean the pad car­rier and a vice to hold it, a G-clamp to com­press the caliper pis­ton, a piece of wire to hang the caliper out of the way, a means to siphon off some of the brake fluid, and fresh fluid to top up the reser­voir. To­wards the end you’ll need a helper to press down the brake pedal.

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