HOW TO... Fit up­rated brake pads

En­hanc­ing your MX-5’S stop­ping power can only be a good thing, so here’s how to fit a set of high per­for­mance brake pads at home: the pro­ce­dure can, of course, be ap­plied to fit­ting stan­dard pads, but do try an up­grade.

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Stop­ping your car is as im­por­tant as how fast it can go – we ex­plain how you can fit high per­for­mance brake pads for your­self

Check you know the where­abouts of ev­ery­thing you’ll need for the job, in­clud­ing the brake pads them­selves – make sure they’re all in the box, as it’s frus­trat­ing to re­move the wheels, calipers and the old pads, but then not be able to pro­ceeed.

Loosen off the wheel nuts with the car on the ground, then care­fully jack up the car and slip stands un­der­neath. For ad­di­tional safety, stow the wheels you’ve re­moved un­der the car – it also means you won’t trip over them later!

Open the bon­net and re­move some of the brake fluid from the reser­voir on top of the brake mas­ter cylin­der. If you spill any, es­pe­cially on your paint, wipe it off quickly as brake fluid is highly cor­ro­sive – sim­i­larly, avoid get­ting it on your skin.

Press the brake pis­ton back us­ing a G-clamp: it should move smoothly and eas­ily. If it’s tight then there could be a prob­lem with the pis­ton. Note the use of a cou­ple of wheel nuts to hold the disc se­curely in place.

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