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Mx5­parts’ Andy Pearson lets his imag­i­na­tion run riot this time around. MK1 & MK2 LED IN­TE­RIOR LIGHTS If you think old MX-5 head­lights are poor, try see­ing any­thing us­ing the in­te­rior light… These ul­tra-bright LED al­ter­na­tives will cut through the cabin’s gloom and are sup­plied with wiring and con­nec­tors. You also get a choice of sur­rounds. CAR­BON­FI­BRE SEAT BACK BAR COV­ERS FOR THE MK3

These classy hand-fin­ished 2x2 twill car­bon­fi­bre seat back bar cov­ers will en­hance the so­phis­ti­ca­tion of your mk3’s cabin. Made by Uk-based GT Car­bon, they stick straight over the ex­ist­ing bars. MK1 DIG­I­TAL IN­STRU­MENT PACK (MPH)

De­signed to fit within the orig­i­nal bin­na­cle, this digi­dash comes com­plete with all the cir­cuit boards, senders and sen­sors you need to dis­play speed, revs, fuel level and oil pres­sure in a white dig­i­tal for­mat. AF­TER­MAR­KET (NEW) FRONT CALIPER FOR THE MK3

Fits any mk3 with stan­dard 290mm front discs, and is brand new, not re­con­di­tioned, so you don’t have to hand over your old one. It’s sup­plied with new rub­ber slider boots, pad fit­ting clips, and a grease sa­chet. FAST CHARGER ADAP­TOR FOR MK4 The mk4’s twin USB ports look flash but they don’t sup­ply enough power to charge smart­phones or tablets ef­fi­ciently. This clever adap­tor plugs into them both to cre­ate a sin­gle high-speed charg­ing point giv­ing up to 300% faster charg­ing. ALU­MINIUM COOLANT EX­PAN­SION TANK FOR THE MK3

De­signed by IL Mo­tor­sport, this al­loy eye-catcher fits to the stan­dard tank’s mounts and its hose con­nec­tors are in the same place as the orig­i­nal’s, too, so all you have to do is fit and en­joy. MK1 & MK2 ‘SMOKED’ SIDE RE­FLEC­TORS WITH BULB HOLD­ERS Give your early MX-5 a mod­ern look by swap­ping out the orig­i­nal orange side re­flec­tors and re­plac­ing them with these smoked units. Com­plete with am­ber bulbs and wiring to con­nect to your main lights. RA­DIO CUBBY BOX WITH CLOCK FOR MK1 EUNOS

Re­place the dou­ble-din head unit in your Eunos with a Uk-spec sin­gle decker and you’re left with a hole in the cen­tre con­sole: here’s a stylish way to plug the gap while adding to your car’s dial tally. CHROME OIL FILLER CAP FOR THE MK3 AND MK4

One of those non-es­sen­tial items that you can’t help want­ing to have. It’ll make your un­der­bon­net look smarter and prompt you to check the oil more of­ten. It’s also avail­able with a satin fin­ish. TR LANE ROLL-BAR AND HAR­NESS BAR FOR MK1 & MK2

Made from 45mm cold-formed high-grade car­bon steel, this TR Lane roll-cage fea­tures a right­hand di­ag­o­nal brace and had an in­te­gral har­ness bar. It’s de­signed to fit be­neath all MX-5 soft-tops.

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