Trail Running (UK) - - Training -

Calf raises

Stand­ing up­right with a slight bend in both knees, push up onto your toes with force be­fore low­er­ing as slowly as pos­si­ble.

Bi­lat­eral Ro­ma­nian dead­lift

Stand up­right with your head straight, then fix your knees with a slight bend and hinge for­ward at the hips. Keep­ing your core tight and your back flat, reach down to the ground and stand up again.

Stand­ing lunge

Stand up­right and step back into a deep lunge, your back knee end­ing just above the ground. Now stand up with­out mov­ing your feet, keep­ing your core tensed and spine straight through­out.

Squat with re­sis­tance band

Be­gin by stand­ing up­right with a re­sis­tance band looped around your knees, feet shoul­der width apart. Squat down while lean­ing for­ward, so your knees move over your toes.

Bi­lat­eral bridge with re­sis­tance band

Lie back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, a re­sis­tance band around your knees. Push through your feet and roll your spine off the floor, whilst tens­ing your glutes and core.

The run­ning man

Stand on your right leg with your left leg and right arm for­wards, in a mock run­ning po­si­tion. Squat down with your right leg and move your left leg and right arm back­wards, left arm mov­ing for­wards. Re­turn to stand­ing.

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