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Calf raises with weight

Per­form the same move­ment as be­fore with a weight in each hand. Once you’re com­fort­able with these, try do­ing them on a step for more range of mo­tion.

Split stance Ro­ma­nian dead­lift

Per­form the same move­ment as with the reg­u­lar dead­lift, but this time with one foot slightly ahead of the other. Re­mem­ber, your spine should stay in a fixed po­si­tion through­out the en­tire move­ment.

Walk­ing lunge

From a stand­ing start, step for­ward into a deep lunge, with your up­per body re­main­ing sta­ble and up­right. Now stand up and step into a lunge on the other leg.

Side­ways crab with re­sis­tance band

As be­fore, squat down to full depth (as low as is com­fort­able) but this time take a side­ways step to one side be­fore stand­ing.

Uni­lat­eral bridge with re­sis­tance band

From the same start­ing po­si­tion, straighten one leg to lift the foot off the floor and push your hips up­wards, per­form­ing the same move­ment as be­fore, with one leg off the ground.

The run­ning man to toes

Per­form a full stand­ing run­ning man as be­fore, but this time press up onto the toes of your stand­ing leg when at the end of the move­ment, for more em­pha­sis on your calf mus­cles.

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