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Sin­gle-leg calf raises with weight

Make the ex­er­cise more dif­fi­cult by hold­ing a weight in each hand or across your shoul­ders as you per­form a calf raise on one leg.

Uni­lat­eral Ro­ma­nian dead­lift with ro­ta­tion

Com­plete one uni­lat­eral Ro­ma­nian dead­lift, but at the end po­si­tion – bent over with one leg out be­hind you – ro­tate your up­per body to the right and then to the left be­fore stand­ing up.

Walk­ing lunge with weighted ro­ta­tion

Re­peat the same move­ment pat­tern from the week be­fore, but this time hold a 2-5kg weight in each hand. If it’s eas­ier, don’t cross your arms when ro­tat­ing.

Sin­gle-leg squat with weight

This time, per­form a sin­gle-leg squat with some kind of weight – this could be a dumb­bell or ket­tle­bell in each hand, or a bar­bell over your shoul­ders, or any­thing heavy you can find at home.

Uni­lat­eral bridge with foam roller

Per­form one uni­lat­eral bridge, but this time with your grounded foot planted on a foam roller. Once you’re in the raised po­si­tion, stretch that leg out as far as you can with­out los­ing con­trol.

The run­ning man onto step with weight

Per­form the same move­ment as be­fore but, rather than mov­ing your arms as if run­ning, hold a weight in each hand and keep them by your sides for added dif­fi­culty.

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