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Sin­gle-leg calf raises

Stand on one leg with your knee slightly bent, the other leg tucked be­hind you. Push up onto your toes be­fore slowly low­er­ing back to the ground.

Uni­lat­eral Ro­ma­nian dead­lift

Stand on one leg, your other tucked be­hind you. Now tense your core to keep your spine straight and lean for­ward from the hips, reach­ing down to the ground. Move your tucked leg back­wards for bal­ance.

Walk­ing lunge with ro­ta­tion

Per­form a walk­ing lunge as be­fore and then ro­tate your up­per body to the left and right be­fore step­ping with the next leg. When ro­tat­ing, keep your arms crossed in front of you.

Sin­gle-leg squat

Stand up­right on one leg and tuck the other be­hind you, then squat down slowly while keep­ing your knee above your toes – don’t let it sag to one side. Don’t swing your arms for mo­men­tum as you stand.

Uni­lat­eral bridge with hip ro­ta­tion

Per­form one uni­lat­eral bridge and when you’re in the com­pleted po­si­tion, with hips raised and one leg in the air, dip the hip of the raised leg to­wards the ground, tens­ing your core to avoid fall­ing.

The run­ning man onto step

Stand with your right foot planted on a chair, your left foot on the ground and left arm in front of you. Now push through your right leg to step onto the chair.

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