Trail Running (UK) - - Warm- Up -

Symp­toms: A drop in per­for­mance and strug­gling to re­cover from runs. Even your reg­u­lar train­ing run pace may start to feel too de­mand­ing or as if you’re car­ry­ing a heav­ier load in your legs than usual – one that’s prevent­ing you from achiev­ing a ‘strong’ train­ing run. So­lu­tions: A change can be as good as a rest, they say. Try a lit­tle va­ri­ety in your train­ing, for ex­am­ple, run your ‘hard’ days by per­ceived ef­fort as op­posed to pace or MPH, and in­clude some stim­u­lat­ing va­ri­ety in the shape of hard and easy days, rest, and a grad­ual pro­gres­sion. “Do some­thing ev­ery day and don’t cram all your races into a lim­ited pe­riod,” sug­gests Rory. “Do parkruns and ‘light’ train­ing days to keep tick­ing over with­out over-reach­ing.”

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