Trail Running (UK) - - Warm- Up -

Symp­toms: You don’t crave those carbs, cake and cans of cold lager you’re used to ‘re­cov­er­ing’ with. You may be los­ing weight, too. Hor­monal up­set caused by over­train­ing can lead to an un­wel­come boost in the pro­duc­tion of ep­i­neph­rine and nor­ep­i­neph­rine, which can in­hibit ap­petite. So­lu­tions: You need that calo­rie in­take to run but may need to cut back on your weekly mileage at first to get your hunger back. Eas­ing back on train­ing is a start. Also, more rigidly track your daily fuel and en­sure you get enough high-qual­ity car­bo­hy­drates and lean pro­tein as you grad­u­ally re­turn to run­ning at reg­u­lar lev­els.

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