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Those in­nocu­ous min­utes cur­rently de­voted to your daily ablu­tions are op­por­tu­ni­ties to prime both body and mind for the day ahead, whether you’re head­ing into work or onto the trails.

While your shower is warm­ing up, drop into a child’s pose on the bath mat – this yoga po­si­tion soft­ens ten­sion in your hips and de­com­presses the lower spine. These be­come tense when sit­ting at work, so start­ing your day with a counter-strike will keep your mus­cles sup­ple.

Next up, brush your teeth be­fore show­er­ing – while per­form­ing a wall sit. With your back against the wall, squat un­til your thighs are par­al­lel. Now hold that po­si­tion by push­ing back into the wall and tens­ing your core and glutes. Re­mem­ber, that’s a two-minute hold.

Now, feel free to jump in the shower but, when you’re done, switch the tem­per­a­ture down to as cold as you can bear and aim the stream onto your up­per back. You’ve only got to stand there for 60sec – that’s enough for the cold wa­ter to stim­u­late the brown fat (read: good fat) de­posits to start gen­er­at­ing heat. By do­ing so, they burn calo­ries. That’s right – a cold shower will make your fat burn fat.

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