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Up­per body train­ing may not seem im­por­tant for run­ners, but build­ing strength in your torso will en­cour­age good form when fa­tigue sets in. You don’t need a gym – get­ting out to your lo­cal park pro­vides all the equip­ment needed for a cal­is­then­ics work­out. Try this rou­tine for size:

Press-ups Get into a press-up po­si­tion on the ground with your arms close to your chest – don’t let them splay out­wards. Tense your core to keep your body straight as you lower to the ground and push ex­plo­sively

back up. Per­form as many as you can. Dips On a park bench, place your hands on the seat and ex­tend your legs out in front of you. Now lower your body un­til your up­per arms are par­al­lel with the ground be­fore push­ing back up. Per­form as many as you can.

Pull-ups Us­ing the cross­bar of a swing, mon­key bars or a sta­ble tree branch, take an over­hand and shoul­der­width grip. Keep your core tensed as you pull your chest up to touch the bar, then slowly lo lower back down. Per­form as many as you can.

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