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Con­quer blis­ters for­ever – not to men­tion cramps, chaf­ing and stitch

Find out how to ban­ish blis­ters and cast off cramps

Trail run­ning can be un­pre­dictable. One mo­ment you are strid­ing smoothly along that rolling trail, ad­mir­ing the views and rev­el­ling in your sur­round­ings, the next a slight stum­ble over an unseen rock and you are land­ing awk­wardly on your an­kle. Or your de­light at reach­ing the top of that tough hill is tem­pered as you be­come aware of a patch of painful rub­bing. A per­fect day’s trail run­ning is eas­ily de­railed by mi­nor ir­ri­ta­tions that can lead to dis­com­fort and an­noy­ance, or may even mean you fail to fin­ish that tar­get race you’ve trained to­wards for months. But there are plenty of meth­ods you can use to pre­vent th­ese ir­ri­ta­tions hap­pen­ing, or to treat them quickly if they oc­cur.

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