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As trail run­ners we al­ready train smart. Talk­ing about the Kenyans and why they are so good, James Ruskin wrote in The Guardian: “They are ex­cel­lent at avoid­ing in­jury and would of­ten not com­plete a set if they felt a nig­gle. This was not lazi­ness. When they were tired they did not push; when they felt good they went flat out. When asked about their av­er­age weekly mileage, they had no idea.” It sounds a lit­tle lais­sez faire, but it’s key to what makes th­ese Africans great. And when you think about it, a trail run is pretty much like that (nig­gles aside). Take it easy on a climb, crack on dur­ing the de­scent. We’ve all done it and loved the way it feels. How far was that run? Who knows, I was too busy tak­ing in the view!

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