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Grangers care kits £14 cloth­ing kit £18 footwear kit Run­ning gear is not cheap so it’s im­por­tant pro­tect your kit so it lasts as long as pos­si­ble. Grangers has launched two sim­ple prod­ucts that will clean and pro­tect the lot. The footwear set in­cludes a brush, cleaner, wa­ter re­pel­lent and a leather con­di­tioner for all types of shoes. The cloth­ing set in­cludes a wash for wa­ter­proofs (in­clud­ing Gore-Tex), wa­ter re­pel­lent as well as an ac­tive wash, which is good for all your other sports cloth­ing. Buy­ing both kits will mean you have ev­ery­thing you need to clean, care and pro­tect all your sports­wear.

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